Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Finally I'm feeling like a working routine is trying to develop.
I've been so busy this year. 
I drew up hundreds of BurgerGuys for
and then drew for the Exhibit Labels book, 
which I just completed for Beverly Serrell.
There was intense preparation for teaching 
whiteline woodblock and collagraphy classes at the Peninsula School of Art.
FINALLY I am getting to print some of the plates I made in some stolen times.
Right now I'm printing "Dodgeville"
which I did sitting on the Schurmans Cheese picnic table,
while waiting for brakes to be put into the car.
This is a cell phone pic of print #2
which I just taped up to dry.
I hope to get three more from the plate.
Drypoints in aluminum allows for about 5 good prints.
I'll have them out for the Fall Art Tour.

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